October 21, 2017  

11 AM – 4 PM

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex… and other things


The cultural landscape is changing; the straightforward “birds and bees talk” doesn’t usually fit the need anymore, and this subject alone can induce anxiety in any parent, especially those who are not fully aware of what our young people are facing today. 

Kara Haug brings together sexual education with spirituality.  She is a professional Sexual Health Educator with a Theological Education and a background in                   psychology and youth ministry; she will help you feel at ease.  Kara's passion is helping parents and families               navigate the sometimes difficult conversations around sex and sexuality, and give them the confidence to have these conversations at any time which leads to healthier            relationships overall.

In this workshop you will receive an insight into the struggles kids deal with today.  You will gain an                   understanding of why it's difficult to talk about sex, and how we can change that.  Finally, you will practice          handling real life scenarios, and gain tools to help you be                successful in establishing a healthy and open environment for your children regarding their sexual health.

$20 per person / $25 per couple (if pre-registered)

$30 per person / $35 per couple (at the door)

*lunch and childcare will be provided

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Praise for Kara:

“Listening to a presentation about “How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex” can be quite daunting, but when Kara introduced herself, it was like a wave of peace and calm entered the room.  Kara educated us about a sensitive subject in such a natural, unassuming way.  I left feeling confident; with a fresh perspective and tools to speak to my child about sexuality in a healthy respectful manner.  Her group exercises really opened my eyes to the reality of today’s environment.  I now feel like I am prepared for situations and questions from my child that I was not even aware of. 

I especially liked that although this was a faith based presentation, she spoke in a non-judgmental way.  Her topic/presentation would translate easily to many different kinds of audiences.  She is young, highly educated and provides a healthy perspective for you and your relationship with sexuality and spirituality. 

I highly recommend Kara Haug as a speaker/presenter to educate parents and kids about sexuality!”

                        -Heather Tanfani, Mother, Business Owner 


To learn more about Kara Haug- Sexual Health Educator, visit:  www.graceunbound.com