Children of God  

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We prayerfully invite you to explore the following pages that describe our youth and family ministry here at Prince of Peace.  Some of these milestones and events are long-standing traditions, while others are brand new!  We are a dynamic community, on the move as we seek to be followers of Jesus! 

Our mission for our ministry is to create opportunities for young people and their families to encounter the living Christ, both in and through each other as well as through engagement with the full congregation.  So regardless of if you were born into this community, or joining us now at a much older age, we warmly welcome you and invite you to join us on this journey. 

We also recognize that not all youth follow a traditional path through life, and so we would love to engage with you in a conversation about what may work for your child, so that they too might feel comfortable and welcome in this community.

Group activities can be wonderful spaces of community and growth, but sometimes we need a more personal conversation.  Please know that both the youth director and the pastor are available for appointments for discussion, questions, a listening ear, and always prayer.



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