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Confirmation Classes on Sunday Mornings (7th-8th grade)

The core of our confirmation program at Prince of Peace revolves around the weekly classes on Sunday mornings.  The two years of study are meant to bring the student into a deeper relationship with Scripture and with Jesus Christ.  It should be a safe place to explore their questions, and help each other along the journey.  They are there to build community and relationships, both with each other and with their Christian faith.

The Confirmation program is not meant to instill a deep faith in Jesus Christ (but of course we hope that happens).  Faith is a gift from God, given daily and nurtured by our relationships with others in our faith community.  The program is however, meant to teach the stories of faithful people who have come before us, and help the youth practice learning and talking about those stories, so that they can come to see how God is at work in their own story and in their own community.

Fall Middle School Retreat (6th-8th grade)

We launch our Sunday School year with a Middle School Retreat, with the goal of bringing the kids together in a new way and creating space for them to build their relationships with each other through team building activities and fun! 

We feel this is particularly important for the Middle School youth, because as they enter the Confirmation program in 7th grade, they will need to have an atmosphere of trust and familiarity to foster the most fruitful discussions.

Shop n’ (not) Wrap (6th-12th grade)

Early in December each year, the youth sponsor two families in need for Christmas.  We share a meal together, then head to Meijer with lists in hand and start shopping!  In previous years, we would then return to POP to wrap the gifts, however for the last several years we have sponsored families from the YWCA Domestic Assault Shelter, and they request that the gifts be not wrapped so the parent knows exactly what is being given to their child.

This event is fun, but the requests on the lists are nearly always surprising to the youth as they are a sobering reminder that many in our community lack basic necessities.

Spring Middle School Retreat: Junior High Charge! (6th-8th grade)(Operated by Living Water Ministries)

The Junior High Charge will bring youth together in the hopes to energize and form faith through worship, small groups, and congregational time.  It is also our hope that through skillshops (workshops) emphasizing service opportunities, leadership development, and community (through team building) we can equip youth to return home ready to make change in the world in the name of Christ.

2017 marked the first year for this great new program, but the format has been honed by Living Water Ministries for 34 years, and it promises to be a great addition to our youth ministry options at Prince of Peace!

Famine: Act 2Day 4Tomorrow (6th-12th grade)(Formerly 30 Hour Famine)

Each year, the youth at Prince of Peace, along with many adults, participate in what we call “The Famine.”  The 24 hour event is held from a Friday through Saturday, with a presentation during worship on Sunday.  For many years, this event was held in the late fall, but in 2016 we moved it to the spring.

The youth stop eating after lunch on Friday, and our fast is broken first with Holy Communion, and then a simple meal for dinner on Saturday.  During this time we focus on hunger issues in our own community and around the world through various activities, including a service component.

We dwell on our own hunger pains, so that we might gain a better understanding of what it means to face chronic hunger.  We choose to go without food, so we can be in solidarity with those who have no choice.  This is a powerful event that our youth have come back for year after year.

Confirmation Camp at Stony Lake (7th-8th grade) (Operated by Living Water Ministries)

Campers become part of building a great camp community through team-building activities, low and high ropes courses, and shared time spent learning more about God and each other.  Group and personal challenges are overcome as we become more confident in ourselves, the community, and our relationship with Christ.

Confirmation camp at Stony Lake includes the core camp experience, as well as group Bible study time with a leader from Prince of Peace.  It is offered during several weeks of the summer, so each year we select the week that best fits our needs.

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Confirmation Class

Our Confirmation Program is for youth in 7th & 8th Grade. Our goal is to help the students take a deeper look into the Bible, and how it shapes their lives.