Social Concerns Swell/Seita Scholars

  • SWELL/SEITA STUDENTS:¬† SWELL is a volunteer organization of southwest Michigan Lutheran churches in partnership with Samaratis. SWELL provides support primarily to foster children by offering:¬† Birthday presents to over 200 foster children, independent ¬†living needs to foster children who have reached age 18 and move out of their foster home into their own apartments. Can include bedding, kitchen supplies, etc. , Monetary support for individual needs of foster children such as summer camps, sports equipment, music lessons, braces, and other items as requested and approved by the SWELL committee.

     SWELL is comprised of representatives of most churches in the Kalamazoo and Portage area. Requests are made by the Samaratis caseworkers who forward them to the SWELL committee for approval.  Prince of Peace Social Concerns includes SWELL in its budget to support the foster children at Samaratis. Volunteer opportunities provide liaison support with the SWELL committee which meets on alternate months.

    Seita Scholar Program at Western Michigan University  The John Seita Scholarship is a tuition scholarship that pays for undergraduate courses at WMU. The scholarship is for foster children who want to attend the university and have no means of support. Books, fees, housing, food and other living expenses are not included in the scholarship however, most or all of these costs may be covered by financial aid and available state support.  Prince of Peace supports the program by providing a meal (or two) over the holiday break (because many of the Seita Scholars do not have a home to go to, they stay on campus for the 3-4 week break). In addition snacks and personal items are donated by POP.  Support of the Seita Scholar Program at Prince of Peace is coordinated by the Social Concerns Committee. Volunteer opportunity includes coordination of the break meals and snack collection 

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