Christian funerals take place within the context of our trust in the promises of God, promises of both forgiveness and new life in Christ.  While we grieve, we also remember that death is but a transformation, a change, or a passage to this promised new life. 

When death comes to members and friends of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, we all feel the loss, but your sense of loss is always unique.  The death of a loved on is a painful, difficult and confusing time that is filled with many emotions.  It is also a celebration of the resurrection for us who have been joined to the death of Christ in our own baptism.

When you experience a death in your family, please call the church office to inforum us so we can be a support and help you in this difficult time.  If the deceased has not preplanned their funeral, you will be faced with a multitude of decisions in a very short period of time.

Because you are planning a worship service, there are some things set by church policy and other things where you will have more discretion.  These will be spelled out in the attached information booklet.

As you plan, you may consider what your loved one would have wanted, but also consider what is meaningful to you.  The funeral service is primarily for you, your family and friends to express your needs and faith in God.  Ritual is a powerful, necessary experience we all need as we face loss and life transitions.