Fundrasing & PEP Points

Most of the youth activities come with a cost, some much higher than others.  For the summer high school trip in particular, we do special fundraising to offset that cost.  The rest of the activities are paid for with a combination of funds from the budgeted youth ministry operational costs, plus a contribution from the families participating.  The costs from the families can be further offset by the youth’s individual PEP Point account, which can make any activity affordable for most.  If your family requires additional assistance, we urge you to discuss your needs with Megan Floyd.  Our policy is that no youth should be left out because of a lack of ability to afford the event!

PEP Point Program

Throughout the year, the youth have opportunities to serve at the church, and earn PEP points for doing so.  These opportunities include, but are not limited to, the Easter Breakfast, the Pancake Supper, volunteering for Art & Adventure in God’s World, helping at the POP Fall & Spring Clean-Up days, and helping at POP picnics and meals such as the Annual Congregational Meeting, Advent & Lenten Dinners, and the celebration picnics.  Youth can also earn points for individual efforts like being on the lawn mowing and weeding rotations.

It is important that you notify Megan if you have done service work for the church, outside of an event that included a sign-in sheet.  For example, if you spent an hour weeding the church flower beds and no one but God saw you do it, and you didn’t report that work to Megan, it won’t be added to your PEP account.

The youth earn (8) points for each hour worked, and each point equals $1.  They can begin earning points in 5th grade; their points accrue until they graduate from high school and they can redeem points to offset the cost of any POP activity.

We have a special dedicated PEP fund to support these points.  The fund is supported by the money raised through donations during February, (our PEP Month) as well as at the Easter Breakfast.

Scholarships available from partnering organizations

Living Water Ministries and the ELCA both offer scholarships to help offset registration fees.  If you have questions on how and when to apply for those, please contact Megan Floyd.  Since many events require that we register as a group, please notify Megan if you plan to apply for one of these scholarships.

Gross Fundraiser

In 2015, we hosted our first ever Gross Fundraiser.  This event has the potential to raise over $10,000!  For us, it paid for our 2016 summer mission trip, as well as gave us a cushion for the next year.

The draw of the Gross Fundraiser was that it consolidated our major fundraising into the one event, and helped reduce the fatigue that occurs when the youth are constantly asking for donations.

For this event to work, it requires all hands on deck!  It is a combination of a served lunch and testimonies from the youth as to how the youth ministry at POP has shaped their lives.

Donors are invited to take an envelope (or several).  The envelopes are numbered 1-144 (a gross), and inside is a pledge slip for an amount corresponding to the number on the envelope.  If all envelopes are claimed, then the amount raised equals over $10,000!  The reality is that all the envelopes are not claimed, but the event was still very successful, and one day we hope to have all the envelopes claimed!

Cans and Bottle Return

In the coat room, we have a large bin for returnable cans and bottles.  This perpetual fundraiser happens in the background, but it is decently lucrative for the youth.

When the bin is full, or near full, we will put out an email requesting volunteers to help return the bottles.  We typically take them to Meijer, as we have found that it is not only convenient, but the place most likely to accept the majority of them.  We encourage everyone to help with this!  We need help returning them, and appreciate your help even if you can’t take them all. 

If you have returned cans and bottles, please redeem the slips for cash.  Put the cash and the receipt in an envelope marked with “Can/Bottle Return” and give it to either Megan Floyd or Mary Lou Askew (bookkeeper).

Harding’s Community Rewards

Harding’s Community Rewards is a digital savings tool that can help raise money for an organization of your choice.  Simply enroll in the program, and then from your profile, choose Community Rewards and choose “Prince of Peace Lutheran Church – Youth” from the drop down menu!  When you checkout at the store, you’ll be prompted to enter your phone number, and the rest is automatic!