What to Expect

Word of God; Word of Life


When you walk in the front door on a Sunday morning for worship, you can expect to be warmly welcomed by one of our greeters. They are happy to answer questions and point you in the right direction. Whether you’re looking for the worship space, the nursery, the restroom, the welcome table, or one of our leaders in particular, the greeters can help you find your way.


Ushers will greet you at the doors to the sanctuary, give you a bulletin and a copy of the “Peace Proclamations” announcement sheet. If you want, they can help you find a comfortable place to sit. If you need a hearing assistance device or crayons and coloring pages, the ushers are happy to help you locate these items. 


Once you’ve found your seat, take a moment to look through the bulletin. It contains lots of information about the worship service, such as when to sit or stand, when to join in singing or speaking a response, and how communion is served. Hymns can be found in the red hymnals in the pew racks in front of you, or the racks between the chairs if you’re sitting in those. The words will also be projected on the front walls during most services. You’ll find children’s bibles, offering envelopes, pencils, and prayer request cards in the pew racks. Don’t forget to fill out the attendance pad and pass it down if you’re sitting near the end of a row! The ushers are always available to answer any questions you may have during the service.


Lutheran worship follows a pattern each week: Gathering, Word, Meal, and Sending. We gather in Christ’s name, taking time to set down the week’s burdens and rest in God’s grace. We hear the Word of God proclaimed in scripture, sermon, and song and lift our prayers to the One who promises to hear us. We share God’s holy meal, Communion, and receive strength for the journey ahead. Then we are blessed and sent back into the world, singing and praising God for all God’s gifts! Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate in worship. As Pastor Rachel says each week at the communion table, “No matter the church of your membership, the form of your baptism, or where you are on your journey with God, a place has been prepared for you at this table - at Christ’s table. So come and eat for all is ready and all are welcome!”


When worship concludes, you can exit the sanctuary (if you want to greet Pastor Rachel on your way out, use the center aisle by the baptismal font) and stop by the large wooden table in the gathering space for coffee, juice, and snacks. This is a great time to meet your fellow worshippers and learn more about the ongoing ministry of Prince of Peace. We’re an active congregation with lots of opportunities for learning and service. If you have small children, they’re invited to join our music director, Janet Hill, in the music room for Morning POP Stars, a children’s music ministry that meets for 15-20 minutes after worship each week during the school year. You may also want to stop by our Welcome Table to learn more about specific ministries or share your contact information with us so one of our leaders can contact you later in the week.


We hope to worship with you soon!