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In the ELCA, we believe that the gift of Holy Communion can be shared with any baptized child of God of any age, but often parents choose to wait until they feel their child is old enough to have some understanding of what it is. 

At Prince of Peace, we offer a hands-on retreat targeted toward 3rd grade youth that walks the child and their parent through the meaning of Holy Communion.

This retreat can be used to prepare youth for their first communion, or help those that have been participating since they were younger gain a better understanding of what they’re doing.

3rd Graders Receive Bibles    

On the same Sunday that we distribute the story Bibles to the 3 year olds, we also hand out Bibles to our 3rd graders!  These Bibles contain the full canon, but with helpful study tips and notes to make reading them easier to understand for our young learners.

This is another opportunity for parents to use this event to begin the practice of reading the Bible together at home.  It’s never too late to start!

VBS (4 years-5th grade)

Each summer, we host a Vacation Bible School (VBS) experience that’s different from what you’ll find at other churches in the area.  We learn about Bible stories that apply to the camper’s life experience and engage in meaningful art projects that help to reinforce those stories.  We incorporate a service component, so that the kids can learn that even they can make a difference in their community, and finally, we plan for a fieldtrip into the community to explore God’s world outside of Prince of Peace!

Our VBS program is open for all youth and their friends, from Preschool (age 4) through 5th grade.  We also utilize young helpers and adult volunteers to make this program a reality, so your 6th grader might be too old to be a camper, but they’re just the right age to start guiding the younger kids in their own explorations!  When older youth begin volunteering in this way, they build leadership experience while deepening their own relationship with Jesus, and earn PEP points… a triple win!

Sleep-Away Summer Camp Experience at Stony Lake

(Operated by Living Water Ministries)

Stoney Lake Bible Camp

Our faith journey begins as we discover who we are as children of God, how we form loving community in the name of Christ, and how we have a blast together in the midst of it all!

Prince of Peace has an ongoing relationship with Living Waters Ministries, which provides many quality programs for our young people from 1st grade through age 25!

First Timers (grades 1-3): An abbreviated camp experience for younger campers wanting to give camp a test drive.  This program begins Sunday and ends Wednesday.

Horse Camp (grades 3-6): Horse campers visit the local ranch each day as they learn to ride and care for horses from knowledgeable ranch staff.

Discoverers (grades 3-6): A classis camp experience designed for your child to discover the love and grace of Christian community as they also begin to discover who they are as children of God.

Why choose to send your kids to Stony Lake versus a secular camp like Sherman Lake?  Because at Stony, they not only get to experience all the wonders of being in nature (which are becoming more rare in our tech-heavy world), but they’ll be given space and guidance to explore their faith and grow in their relationship with God!

For many youth, it was their time at camp that finally allowed them to disconnect enough to really listen and see how God was acting in their lives.  We believe so much in the value of these programs, that Prince of Peace offers tuition assistance to every one of our campers!

Children’s Christmas Program

Each December, our young students share the Christmas Story with our congregation during the worship service.  Sometimes this takes the form of a play, or a concert of songs and readings, or even a video!  All of our youth are encouraged to participate in whatever capacity they are comfortable with, but what we nearly always find is that the youth are capable of far more than they initially think!

This is a really fun day, but there’s more!  Stay after worship to enjoy a simple lunch, have your family portrait taken, and enjoy several other family-friendly activities, perfect for young and old!