Use of Church Facilities by Non-member Groups and Organizations

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church is pleased to offer free use of its facilities to outside nonprofit groups and organizations that are engaged in activities associated with education, service to others, and/or religious activity associated with the Christian Faith. 

Your primary contact for use of church facilities is our Administrative Assistant, Tamara Preston.  She can help you with scheduling, and discuss with you the various types of space that may be available at a particular time.  You will be asked to complete our Facility Usage Agreement.  Please click here for this form.

We ask that you treat both the facilities and any other people using our church with respect.  Please try to avoid disrupting others while they are meeting.  We unfortunately are not able to offer custodial services.  Please leave the facilities at least as clean as you find them when you arrive.  A vacuum cleaner and other cleaning supplies (mop, etc.) are located in the closet by the women's restroom; please use them when appropriate.  We will try to provide your spaces with a consistent set-up (chairs, tables, etc.) each week, but cannot guarantee that, due to the demands created by unusual events, such as weddings and funerals.  It would be wise to have some people arrive a little early before meetings, in case chairs and tables need to be arranged.

We ask that you be mindful of the safety of all who might be using the church facilities, and that you manage your own legal affairs.  If you see any condition that you think might be unsafe, please attempt to rectify it, and bring it to our attention immediately.  Please closely supervise any children associated with your activities, and watch out for other children who might be present.  We strongly recommend that you carry liability insurance.  

Prince of Peace Council has implemented a Key Policy, which requires a $25 deposit for each key issued. A key may be obtained from the Administrative Assistant during office hours. A form acknowledging receipt of key is required to be signed. No more than two keys will be issued per organization.

We hope that use of our facilities will help your group or organization prosper and achieve whatever your goals might be.  We hope that individuals associated with your group will feel welcome to attend other activities at our church, including our services on Sunday morning.  We hope that current members of our church will develop an interest in your activities and programs, and perhaps join with you in achievement of your objectives.