And Beyond High School...

MI Gathering – Young Adult Track (age 18-25)

Young adults age 18-25 are also welcome to attend the MI Gathering!  Programming for the Young Adult Track will intersect with the Gathering, but also have components specifically designed for the young adult audience.  They register as individuals and are housed separately from the high school aged participants

Local Campus Ministry

There is an ELCA presence at more than 180 state and private colleges and universities, with cooperating congregations in campus ministry at an additional 400 campuses nationwide.  These ministries work directly with young adults of all backgrounds, offering support, service learning experiences, programs and worship opportunities.

Lutheran Service Year Programs

Young adults interested in peace, justice and service ministries may be interested in a year of service through the following opportunities:

  • Young Adults in Global Mission

  • Lutheran Volunteer Corps

  • Urban Servant Corps

  • Border Servant Corps

  • Abundant Life Together Alternative Year

Young Adult Justice Network

This group of ministries seeks to connect young adults engaged in justice and advocacy with opportunities to live out their faith in radical ways.

  • Dream Chasers United

  • The 99 Collective

  • ELCA Advocacy

  • Global Mission Gatherings

Spirituality & Formation

  • Faith Lens Devotions

  • Women of the ELCA Bold Café

  • Lutheran Men in Mission

ELCA Youth Gathering

Young adults are invited into servant leadership roles for the ELCA Youth Gathering and its pre-events, the Multicultural Youth Leadership Event and the Definitely-Abled Youth Leadership Event.

Outdoor Ministry

There are about 145 outdoor ministry programs affiliated with the ELCA in the United States and Puerto Rico.  Every summer and often throughout the year, these sites hire young adults to lead outdoor ministry programs.  Young adult leaders grow in self-confidence, independence, healthy peer relationships, leadership skills, problem solving and spirituality.